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Region 6 is a division of the World Tang Soo Do Association, comprised of Tang Soo Do schools located in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Regional Director: Master Doug Miller

Phone 256-412-6906

Regional Treasurer: Ms. Hannah Aycock

Regional Secretary: Mrs. Kathy Miller

Regional Scholarship Fund Coordinator:
Mrs. Monica Haddock

Regional Judging Coordinator: Mrs. LaCinda Oyen

Regional Black Belt Club President: Mrs. Jaymie Henry

The World Tang Soo Do Association
2436 Hanford Road 
Burlington, NC 27215 
Phone: (336)-223-0056 or (215)-468-2121
fax: (215)-336-2121

Our Masters

Regional Officers

World Tang Soo Do Association

Region 6 WTSDA

Our Studios

Grandmaster Bill Strong

Master Michael Hicks

Master Vaughn Henry

Master Joseph McCarty

Master Thomas Strahan

Master Doug Miller

Master Todd Oyen

Master Jason Church

Master Tom Jones

Master Dean Click

Master Morgan Strong

Master Ola Myszka

Master Stephanie Jones

Master Aaron Tucker

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